I have a sneaker thing. Yes, it is really a thing. In the build up to Air Max Day 2015, I started a project to help  me tell my story. This is it.


This was originally published day by day in the New Zealand based Facebook group - SoleCentralNZ.


This tale tells of how my love of sneakers helped to keep me alive when my life fell apart.



12 Days of
Air Maxmas


Air Max 90 - Escape Retro 2014

The Escape AM90 was my Christmas present to myself last year. I copped them from Loaded, who are often the cheapest option by far for high quality QS releases. Plus their service is top notch. Somehow, I managed to keep them boxed up until the morning of the big day. It was a tough few days.


As soon as I opened the box, the smell of the oiled leather hit me. The quality is just superbly on point, exactly what I'd expect from a hand made dress shoe. The only part that let these down, in my opinion, were the laces. Nike don't appear to be able to get their lace game so right with their AM's. I reckon they should take a leaf out of the JB and SB lace game book.


I had a feeling that the leather was going to crease real quick. It even made me slightly apprehensive about wearing them too much. Oh, how wrong could I have been. As the creases come, the character comes with them. They are wearing gorgeously.

I love how you can mix these up with a heap of different coloured outfit options, and it is only as Autumn leaves start to fall I can really see that this shoe is perfectly timed for this time of year. Just what it was designed for.


The grippy sole, taken from the AM90 sneakerboot, delivers the goods too. It holds up well to wet conditions, unlike it's brothers and sisters, who to be honest just cause a total catastrophe on rainy days. Unless of course you're a sidewalk spectator as I slide my way down the wet street.


Air Max 90 - Premium

Today’s nostalgia comes from '08. These were a Footlocker UK special. My first experience with Volt and also Mr. Lacy laces. I love these kicks and unfortunately, when I went to rock them a couple of weeks ago, to do the on foot shots, I discovered a sole crumble. Therefore a couple of stock standard shots is all you're getting of these.


They owe me nothing, so I just have to take it on the chin and be happy that just one of them is in crumble state. The perforated suede is awesome, although it starts to come away at the point of the toe box, and as for dusty gravel roads, a total and utter nightmare with these kicks.


They very much helped me put my mark on being a sneakerhead here in 'lil 'ole Wanaka. The volt grabs everyone's attention and I even found a matching volt beanie to rock the winters away with too. As for the boys trying to understand how I could wear even just a pinch of rave pink, that gave them even more value


Air Max 90 - Current CT LE

Keeping with my current theme. These are the CT LE AM90, bought at the same time as yesterdays Moires. These appealed to me more than those. I'm a sucker for Volt.


They're thrashed, just like yesterdays, yet they are still head turners. They come from an era when I didn't have that many kicks. When the thirst wasn't so real. I wonder about those times. Did I love them more because I had less? I do wonder if I just have too many and I hardly ever get to wear so many of my pairs that much.....Then I look at these and they look worn. I'd love to have them at 8/10 again. My feet ain't gonna grow. So fuck it. I'll keep on adding. Thankfully I'm not one for selling. Fingers crossed the crumble doesn't claim too many....


Air Max 90 - Current Moire

I picked these up in the Nike Outlet at Cheshire oaks in 2010. I'd only seen the current sole once before on a pair I picked up about 5 minutes before I saw these. We'll get to those ones another day.


These however, are the first one piece AM90 I had ever set eyes upon. Words can't describe their comfort. When you have limited space on a trip these are definitely a great choice to travel in from a comfort and CW perspective, they really do go with just about everything.


They're thrashed. They come from a time when I was starting to get the collecting bug. Every time I walk into a sneaker store in these I am always asked where I got them. I haven't seen them around much and I am very happy that they are mine.


Part of me wishes they were in better condition, yet the other part of me knows they've had 500+ days, so really they are in great condition.


Air Max 95 - 2001 Retro

I was late to the Air MAX party. I grew up very much into Run DMC and skateboarding. Nike didn't figure anywhere in that. When I saw the early 1's I lusted like crazy, yet I knew they had no practical application for me. Quite rightly, Mum wouldn't buy them for me and stuff getting a job just to buy some sneakers.


It took me until 2001 to buy my first pair of 95's. I'd skated in the DC version of these, prolly in '97, yet as much as I wanted them, from '95 onwards, it felt like cultural mis-appropriation to me. I was a skateboarder, these were not skater shoes. Back then, that mattered. It was a way of identifying people. In my mind, I had as much right to wear these as I did a native American head dress. Oh how times have changed.


I bought these from Footlocker in the St. John's Centre, Leeds, on sale. I'm a counter. I know I've had 1000+ days in these.

I've been up to my ankle bone in puddles wearing them. I've worn them with popped air bubble. I've worn them with a suit after work. They've done gym time. They've done club time. They've done every time possible.

This is where it all started for me and the Air MAX madness. I thought I'd do a sole swap. Hell no, that's one of the dumbest ideas ever. Very possibly these are the centre piece of my collection.


11 more days to go.....


Air Max 90 Sneakerboot - Steel Green Patch

This morning I laced up my first pair of sneaker boots in anticipation of todays AIR MAX Day shoot. I really like it when old designs get upgraded, new adaptations and technologies brought in to create something new. The past is awesome, but it's also awesome to create a new past which can be enjoyed in a few years time.


I fully had the intention of shooting and posting pics of my first pair...which I did do....however these also arrived. They actually arrived yesterday, but, you all know the real deal with some couriers. They were even kinda hard to get my hands on today, but there we go, I managed it.


I wasn't so sure about these. The AM1's looked pretty dope, however the hype that surrounded them blew me away. And, to be honest, I'm an AM90 guy foremost. When I heard about these I was really curious. I liked the look of them. I like the concept. What I didn't like was the hypebeast and hussle and bustle to get them.


In the flesh they look dope. This is my first pair of kicks with an AM swing tag, so I'm a little unsure as to when I'm gonna snip it off. So, you're only getting in hand shots for now and you can keep your eyes peeled for some on foot shots of my first pair of sneakerboots in a day or so's time......


Air Max 90 Sneakerboot - Essentials

Before I was rudely interrupted by my patches yesterday, the plan was to bring you these. My first pair of AM90 sneakerboots. I must have copped them about this time last year and are my first and only cop via eBay.


Somehow I seemed to have missed these dropping. There was a time where sneakers weren't quite so full frontal in my life. When I saw them I knew I had to have them, the thirst was very real indeed.


I looked, here there and everywhere and after a lot of deliberation, reading, looking at photos, checking reviews I pushed buy now. The 10 days that followed were horrible. Yup, I coulda posted on of the LC posts. You know, is it really about that? What would I really learn from that? The price was about right. The seller seemed legit, and apparently I'm into AM90's, I should really be able to work it out for myself.


When they eventually arrived, it felt like ages......I was so nervous to open the box. When I did, I just freaked out, I'd convinced myself they were fake, before I even looked.


I calmed down. I looked at labels properly. I pulled out a pair of hyperfuses. I checked and checked and decided that if they were fakes they were so damn good that who gives a shit anyways.


The inner sock liner....holy smokes, how dope is this? Off the chart in comfort level and also in the colder winter months a complete and utter ankle warmer....around these parts that certainly beneficial to having a great day. Combine it with the extra grippy sole and we really do have a super dope shoe fit for winter.


As for the laces, it took me a coupla weeks to slip these ones in. I'm so glad I did. The colours just pop together in a pastel kinda way. The pink makes peoples heads turn and really notice, I mean that's one of the reasons we wear nice kicks isn't it? To be seen for the style we rock. Stuff the idea that men can't wear pink, in my opinion it's the total opposite. To those that tell me not and take the piss, plenty do, I return their feeble pointless dissing by asking them if they're just jealous that they're not confident enough to do the same. Most of the time they go rather quiet after that.......


Air Max 1 - Gym Red Jacquard

I feel like I'm starting to run out of time......I've been demonstrating that the 90's had a huge influence upon me. Now it's time to wind it back a little.


I do remember seeing the OG AM1 in the window of the sports shop when I was 13, and there was no way in the world Mum was gonna cop those for me. It took me almost 30 years to start my one love. These weren't my first, but they were my first with the OG sole. I popped my one cherry on lunarons, which are dope as....but still, not the classic silhouette, although from what I can tell, these are a fair bit different to what came in '87.


I just love the colours. Red isn't the most natural colour for a ginger to gravitate towards. I'm glad I did though. The lines are crisp, even though the toe box on righty is subject to the dreaded dimple. I kinda like this in a way, it means that they're not perfect. There is a flaw, therefore daily wear once or twice a week is easy.


These get rocked a lot. The white laces drive me bananas, there is so much dust round here and I soon learnt not to cook a curry in them.


Maybe it's the red footed ginger steez, but these are most definitely attention grabbers. Acquired via European sales as so many of my kicks have been, winners for sure.....


Air Max 90 - Current Jacquard Anthracite

During the last few months I have developed a rather large appreciation for 'Anthracite'.


Air Max 90's with a current sole are sick. Jacquard, even with it's flaws, is sick. When I opened the box, it just wasn't quite pazazz. Guts.


I did get to curl the toes in my hands and feel all the cubes separating from each other as the sole moved for the first time ever....talk about an UNDSing experience. Not only that, you get to do it all over again with lefty.


Even after this, I kind felt disappointed with these. That was until I remembered a pair of bright orange laces attached to a super cheap pair of etnies, probably destined to be worn than less than ten times in their life, (note so self: 'change that').....In my opinion. With the factory laces, these kicks are on the slightly positive side of ok....lace them up with the appropriate Mr. Lacy and, holy shit balls, I reckon they pop.


It was fun on a cloudy day by the lake this morning. So many tourists in their late 50's n 60's wonder what the hell I was doing. I reckon the amber gel is practically perfect.


I hope everyone copped what they wanted for retail, or have managed to get a trade today. It was awesome to see a quiet TradeMe for so long, and from what I hear, the (sneakerhead : reseller) ratio was favourable. I like that.


Time for a quick aside....

Thanks for the nomination Bevan Wong into the ‪#‎airMaxChallenge‬.

So, not my top three per se. I'm sure you all know I'm a 90 fulla. Here we have three 90's which showcase some of the things I adore about this shoe and it's innovation.


We shall start with the Escape. The classic. I would say run of the mill, but it's not, the upper is made of super fine oiled leather. This has the feel of a very fine shoe to it. The colours are perfect and the more it gets worn the better it looks. whilst the midsole is the classic shape, the underneath is the new wet weather, all conditions, pyramid covered kind. Bloody awesome in my book. However, on the whole this one is as close to the original as I like for one made after 1990. Bought from Loaded, as a Christmas pressie for myself. Awesome service, amazing price and my $ stayed in NZ.


Next up we have the WR Lunar. I love the WR, the tech that goes into it, it really is just up my design street. It's great for down south with all our gravel roads, when it gets dusty you can simply wipe it clean. This colourway is super bright and a definite head turner, I favour that in a shoe, that way people look at my feet and not my face. You can get away with heaps more stuff that way. The Lunar sole features on many of my kicks, I love it. Super light and comfy. I'm all for innovation and this version of it is all G in my books. These were only available in store at Footlocker, so I got my non-sneakerhead mate to assist. She thought it was awesome and even put in a pair of polka dot socks and chocolate for me too to help with the opening joys. I'm thinking of starting racing next year and if I do, my kit will be orange, so these have mostly been bought in preparation for off the bike, bike wear. As in, on the way to races, hanging out in the pits etc....


Finally and by no means least or first, the Anthracites which I covered the other day. This shoe represents the current sole and Jacquard upper. This isn't my favourite in my collection of this shoe, we're gonna get to that in a few days time.

As for nominations....I'm still working out my third, the full list will be announced on IG later on, however, Curtis Bunker, you might want to put your thinking cap on. Remember, this isn't meant to steal the show from what you've got on thursday, it's merely an aside, an addition to the madness. Props Bevan and David Tsai, for stoking the hype.....Happy Mondays!

DAY 10

Air Max 90 - Varsity Red Essentials

I'm loving going through my kicks. However.....I'm getting so inspired that...phew....I don't want a day off but I needed a kinda rest. When I don't want to think about what's going on my feet, these AM90 Essentials (Gym Red and Steel Grey, I believe), never fail to pull it off. Although after lots of cleaning they still look pretty tired.


I need to have a rest, start finishing some ideas that got started in the last couple of days and not worry too hard about what going onto my feet. Sometimes this happens to me. I just get into an idea and want to have a good crack at it. Posting these last few days has been very enjoyable.


My thoughts about my location today were to use the tree shown in the other image (which is what happened about five minutes previous to the other ones, just looking in opposite directions)....I think that location needs some more planning, it might be a bit wasteful to use it on any old pair of beaters....or maybe that's the point....there's a lot of stories in a pair of beaters, just like there is in the world most photographed tree!!

DAY 11

Air Max 1 - Flax

Time for todays instalment of my collection. Things are starting to heat up a little with only a few more days to go.


The Air Max One Flax is one of my favourite sneakers of all time. I don't have many One's, yet owning this one more than makes up for any volume issue. The shape feels so classic and if I were to say the quality was on point, I wouldn't be doing them justice.

Once again, I copped from Loaded NZ, a seamless, fast and down right enjoyable way to furnish my habit. Before you even open the box you can smell the nubuck. Even inside the sneaker is leather. Everything about this is just dreamy.


I UNDS'd them at the DOC Inland Conservation Award evening, it seemed the right thing to do to be honest. I've only worn them a handful of times since, but every time, boy oh boy, you know you're stepping out in style.


I like how they are pretty much one colour. The shadows cast from the different elements give the shoe form and texture. They are so simple, yet super tech. I'm really glad they didn't make a 90 in these, I think I'd have swayed that way and to be honest, I would have been disappointed for not having the best in pack.


I even bought one of those crazy little gorilla tripod thingies today, I was convinced it was going to make my shoe shooting easier. Pfffft....it's marginally better than using camera bags and pieces of wood

DAY 12

Air Max 90 - Antarctica Anthracite Deluxe QS

I did say I had an anthracite thing going on. I've also got this attraction to Antarctica. I am rather fond of the moon and the 1990's were a pretty cool decade.


So, in comes the AM90 Antarctica Anthracite Deluxe QS....and boy oh boy are they deluxe. I saw the photos. I became attached the the look of the ones. I slept. I ummed. I arghed. The ones sold. The 90's didn't. The patches of silver put me off. Perhaps a little too bling for my usual taste.


Then I got to thinking. I thought about the kicks I'd passed over as the years have gone by. There was this all red pair of 90's, the Independance Day edition, I've a feeling some of you may have seen those. Well, I got the same feeling in my stomach with these as I did with those.


I mean, I really really waited for these


I've put them on my feet to lace them up and take these shots, that's it. I've no intention of laying them down for re-sell, however something is telling me that in five years time they will be worth considerably more than I paid for them. It's that feeling.


I'm not lead by monetary value in terms of sneakers, yet I've just got this feeling that in a few years time, maybe even sooner, I am going to be so glad I have these in my collection.


The silver sparkles, you can't see them when you're on your feet. If I ever get famous and get on the tele, these would be amazing to rock in a studio, the reflected lights would play havoc with the cameras....


The anthracite leather is out of this world and complements the mint perfects. The two tone speckled Lunar sole goes beyond all expectations. They are like the Escape pack only they pack a much bigger punch and are way more up to date in terms of tech.


I've a feeling I'm one of the few people that like them and I'm pretty cool with that. I love them, that's all that matters....


AM90 - Running Man or Lunar WR IR?

'tis the night before Air Maxmas and all is still. All the sneakerheads are tucked up in bed hoping Tinker will pay them a visit as they dream of bubbles....Have they been good or have they been bad? Will the Zero be there's or will someone tread on their toes in line?


Anyways....enough of this....that's tomorrow, this is today. Right now I'm more concerned with thinking about what's going on my feet tomorrow rather than what's on them today. Will it rain or will it shine?


If the sun is out, then I'm gonna rock the Running Mans. These were my first pair of kicks that stayed in the box for a very long time. I am all about these. A beautiful colab. The nubuck is just dreamy, yet, a word of warning, yellow nubuck is a bastard to keep clean. I rock them rarely. Very special, inside occasions. I just love everything about them.


I passed up buying the matching t-shirt....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...it had the laser etching front and centre. How dope would that have been??? But that doesn't matter, my current cause for concern with these kicks is the sole, I am dreading the crumble. They are about that age and haven't been worn enough. Next summer, they will be. Life is too short.


The wet weather option is one of my dreams come true in sneaker world. I've wanted an IR for like ever. However, as I keep mentioning, down here it's all dust n dirt. I can't even imagine what would happen to a white mesh toe box. It drives me mental enough when I think about the running mans and their box life.


When I saw these, they were an instant cop, I even paid full price. The IR colour way AND with my favourite volt added in. They are wipe clean and apparently water resistant. Well, no apparently at all, they are. I've rocked them a few times in the rain and they are epic. The Lunar soles rock too. I find them so comfortable and supportive.


So here we go. One more sleep. I'm trying not to think too hard about tomorrow. Copping is going to be super difficult from down here. I have a thirst for the Zero's. I'm doing what I can to be patient and trust the universe. If they are to be mine, they will be. I've still a few things to finish off before tomorrows offering, I need to concentrate upon that. To me that's more important than buying a pair of kicks.


For those of you partying tonight....have a blast, you know you deserve to be there.....


Air Max 90 - Paris City Pack QS

Happy AIR MAX Day fam! So here we are, the end of my twelve days of shooting and posting all things AIR MAX. Boy oh boy, am I looking forward to rocking some J’s tomorrow…..


The AM90 QS Paris City are the ones I’ve chosen to finish with. As always I’m going to give a little story about these, although, I have to warn you, it’s a touch sad in places but I believe it’s a very important story which I would like to tell. I don’t want to bring anyone down on such an important day, so I’m certainly not going to be offended if you don’t click read more.


The AM90 is my shoe. The current is my sole of choice. The Jacquard is one of my favourite new sneaker inventions. My roots lie in Yorkshire, a part of the world built upon mills and weaving fabrics, how stoked was I to read about this new innovation in sneaker construction?


As I prepared to make my annual trip back to the UK to catch up with my family and also to introduce them to the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, these dropped. I copped and sent them directly to Mum. I had no need to get them here only to take them back there again. The anticipation and wait was just another positive in the world of a sneakerhead. I knew they were there and I knew they would fit.


I arrived in the UK a week before Kate, a little bit of time for me to spend with my family, just us. My step brother, Mum and Son were waiting for me at the airport. I hadn’t seen any of them in real life for 11 months, so even with a ton of jet lag it was quite simply amazing.


For some reason, Mum decided to bring my kicks with them to the airport. I’ll never quite know why, I know I have a problem but it’s not quite that bad. That being said, I just managed to keep them un-boxed for ages, until I finally gave in to my boys nattering and opened them up.


The construction is sick. The colours, perfect. The soles are this gorgeous super light baby blue and the cubes of the current foresole were stuck together. Oh my, what a pleasure it is to twist and bend the shoe in your hands, hearing and feeling them pop apart. The usual glue smell was in full effect. We all know and love THAT smell. But back in the box they went, I had better things to do with my time.


I UNDS’d them for lunch on my 40th and the day later, I rocked them on the plane as Kate and I ventured to Paris for a few days. I mean….how could I not have these to rock around this city?? I felt like the boss. The intelligent, beautiful girl on my arm and the best goddamn sneakers on my feet. That pretty much describes the Paris connection in this tale.


Now we get to the sad bit. This is a very important part of who I am, and to be honest, I’ve wondered how to talk about this within this arena upon a few occasions. Today, given these kicks I’ve chosen and how welcome I’ve felt here, is finally the day to add in a very important part of my story of who I am.


What I’m going through, and what I’ve been through is something that does need to be spoken about in order to help others to not have to tread this journey I find myself upon. It is however a tricky subject. Governed not only by the well-being of people who are reading, but also the law, especially within New Zealand. In my opinion, the way this is dealt with in this respect really doesn’t help the situation. Perhaps this is just one action I am taking to do what I can to try to change this for the better.


Seven months ago today, Kate died suddenly. The twists and turn of my life took a new route. A road which no one ever wants to journey. All grief is difficult. Grieving in the way that I’ve had to has been especially hard.


At first, I was most definitely a victim rather than a survivor, it’s taken months for me to move into survivor territory. I’ve also reached out for lots and lots of help, and I’m not sure if you’ve ever known, or even suspected, but all of you have been a huge part of that help for me.


Now….I’m not telling this story in the search for sympathy. Over the last seven months, I’ve had more than my fair share of that. What I am hoping to do is tell a story of gratitude, and give thanks, to each and everyone of you. As well as show and talk about how I coped and demonstrate one of the tools I have used to keep me here, alive and kicking in fresh kicks.


My life fell apart. At times, I still can’t see any point in it, however I know that these feelings of hopelessness will pass, and sometimes, for a few moments, perhaps even hours if I’m really lucky, it does pass. For months I wasn’t able to do anything aside from sit and cry. Yeah, I went to work, I went through the motions of life, but I wasn’t really present. Who would be?


I was a wreck. So many mornings I couldn’t face getting out of bed. If I’m being honest (which is something I’ve really learnt I have to be, especially about the things that are difficult to talk about), for many of those days, the one inspiring thing I could do to ensure I got up from my bed and left my house was to lie there and plan what I was going to wear with my kicks that day, and then step out knowing that even if everything else was a complete shambles, at least my kick game was on point. I also feel the need to point out that; amazing family, friends and a prescription for Prozac were also life saving.


When I woke up in the middle of the night screaming and was too scared to go back to sleep, or even get out of bed, I’d surf the Internet. I went shopping. I could cop a pair of kicks in the middle of the night and then I would have something to look forward to. The six days delivery time felt like 6 months. Yet it was something. A small thing that I could look forward to. For a few months it was the only thing to look forward to. The anticipation of finding something pleasurable when I arrived home after venturing out. The excitement of opening the box. The smell hitting me. Holding them. Looking at them. So often discovering the design that just transcended anything I ever expected. For those moments, I managed to put everything to one side and just be present in the moment.


Then came the really good bit. I didn’t even have to leave the property. I could shoot them, post the photos on the Internet and then receive a whole heap of positive comments back from all of you. I wonder if you’ve any idea how much your contributions and support  helped me? I wouldn’t be lying if I said that this support and encouragement helped keep me alive and put me in a position where I am able to tell this tale.


I’ve suffered from depression for most of my adult life. The real dark kind. The stuff that consumes and destroys. I have coping strategies to help me get through. I look for communities that are positive, that help each other out, that do actually care. SoleCentralNZ is one of those and I certainly consider everyone who is a part of it to be one of my friends. The fact the others in the community refer to each other as ‘Fam’ says it all really. We may not know each other well, we’ve probably not even met in real life, but still, we have come together with a shared interest in our hearts. We come with respect, we come with excitement, we sometimes come with sorrow, yet we come together for everyone’s benefit. Well, within this one online community we certainly do. When someone tells me to ‘Look Up’ I just think, poor them, they’re obviously looking down into the wrong places.


On that note, I am going to close. I’d like to give thanks once again and hopefully just put it out there, that if you’re feeling dark, if life feels shit and it has done for a while, reach out. Start talking quietly to a few people, either in real life or here on t’internet. (http://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/get-help/in-crisis/helplines/ is one of the better websites I’ve found with lots of links to some really caring people, just in case you need to talk to someone and you’re not sure where to start)


Life is wondrous and to be enjoyed by each and everyone of us. Sometimes It’s gonna be shit. That’s part of it. However, while we are still breathing there is always hope, even if it doesn’t feel like there is.


Happy AIR MAX Day, rock those kicks hard. Be proud of who you are and how you have contributed towards something of real substance; sneakers and this community have helped save at least one life. I reckon that deserves some massive mega giga props to all the fam from down in the deep south…….





You could easily be forgiven to think that my life revolves around what's on my feet. To be honest, after getting this far I wouldn't blame you. I would like to reassure you, it doesn't.


Photography and graphic design are two of the many activities I use to help me lead a happy and healthy life. Now more than ever before it is incredibly important for me to ensure I partake in activities like these.


I love to take photographs. It connects me. It inspires me. It allows me to really notice what's going on in this wonderful world of ours. The more I look, the more I wonder, the more I want to embrace everything I have.


I very much enjoy shooting portraits, mountain biking, urban places, products and the odd landscape here and there. These are just a few of the images I've shot recently, I thought you might like to have a look. Most people have cameras these days, it really is a fabulous way to help keep your mind healthy.


Si Williams

I was born in Chester, England, at the tender age of zero, back in 1974. I was raised in a small North Wales town made famous by coal mining and making bricks.


Moving to Yorkshire when I was 18, I gained two degrees; a BSc (hons) Physics with Astrophysics and an MSc Computer Integrated Manufacturing. Both of these qualifications have helped me immensely, however, neither of them really contributed towards me entering the workforce. Aside, of course, from my bosses enjoying saying I was a 'Rocket Scientist', which technically I'm not, although it is very good fodder for friendly office banter.


Having acquired a copy of Photoshop 2.5LE in 1995, I realised this was the path I would like to start my career in. I worked for an ISP for a few years, helping them expand their online sports information business. This then lead to me being involved in designing the front end for the world first fully functional online sportsbook (read online sports betting). During this time I began to realise the corporate world was not for me. Money was pretty rad, but to be honest, too much of it, too young wasn't good for me and certainly didn't make me smile from my heart.


During this time I also became a father to the most wonderful son anyone could ever wish for.


I imported myself into New Zealand in 2005 where I entered the work force in the community sector, mostly dealing with waste. I am still working in this field as an educator, facilitator, designer and photographer.


I like to ride my bike, wear sneakers and take photographs, but I think we covered most of that earlier.


Thank you for taking the time to read this excerpt out of the story that is my life.


I love you Kate, you are in my heart forever......





 Si Williams Design & Photo

Wanaka, New Zealand



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